Historische Videos

A Day At The Races (1937)

The Whitey Lindy Hoppers (Leon James & Norma Miller, Johnny Innis & Dot Miller, Snooky Beasly & Ella Gibson, George Greendidge & Willame Ricker)

Manhatten Merry-Go-Round (1937)

The Whitey Lindy Hoppers (Frankie Manning, Lucille Middleton, Eddie Davis, Dorothy Johnson, George Greendidge, Mildred Pollard, Tiny Bunch, Stumpy
Spirit Of Youth (1938)

The Big Apple Dancers
It’s In The Stars (1938)

Start Cheering (1938)

Lawrence Wise & Lilian Arnold, Maxie Dorf & Mary McCaslin
Radio City Revels (1938)

TThe Whitey Lindy Hoppers
Swing, Sister, Swing (1938)

Keep Punchin‘ (1939)

The Whitey Lindy Hopperssy
Blondie Meets The Boss (1939)

Ray Hirsch & Patti Lacey, Roy Damron & Barbara Kent
Naughty But Nice (1939)

Maxie Dorf & Midge Dare, Jack Arkin & Marion Goldy, Jack Helwig, Connie Wydell
Bachelor Mother (1939)

Lolly Wise & Marge Wilson
Symphony In Swing (1939)

Mad Youth #1 (1940)

Ray Hirsch & Patty Lacey
Mad Youth #2 (1940)

Ray Hirsch & Patty Lacey, Eugene & Maxine Taylor, Aileen Morris & Pearl Tolson
Melody In The Moonlight (1940)

Ray Hirsch & Patty Lacey
City Of Conquest (1940)

Don Gallagher
Helzapoppin‘ (1941)

Harlem Congeroo Dancers (Billy Ricker & Norma Miller, William Downes & Frances Jones, Frankie Manning & Ann Johnson, Al Minns & Willame Ricker)
Helzapoppin‘ (1941)

Dean Collins & Martha Raye
Hot Chocolate „Cottontail“ (1941)

The Whitey Lindy Hoppers (Billy Ricker & Norma Miller, William Downes & Frances „Mickey“ Jones, Frankie Manning & Ann Johnson, Al Minns & Willame Ricker)
Dance Hall (1941)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Connie Wydell
Playmates (1941)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Let’s Make The Music (1941)

Dean Collins & Bertha Lee
Buck Privates (1941)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
The Powers Girl (1941)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Ringside Masie (1941)

TRoy Lester & Ann Southern
Three Little Words (1941)

Jack Arkin & Marion Goldy
Among The Living (1941)

Ray Hirsch & Patti Lacey, Roy Lester & Jane Allen.
The Chool Song (1942)

Jewel McGowan & Dean Collins
Priorities On Parade (1942)

Irene Thomas
Ride ‚Em Cowboy (1942)

Jewel McGowan & Dean Collins
Calling Dr. Gillespie (1942)

Irene Thomas
They All Kissed Birdie (1942)

Connie Wydel, Rosalie Miller, Tom Lincir, Dean Collins
Maharaja (1943)

Hal & Betty Takier
Swing Fever (1943)

Jean Phelps Veloz & Lennie Smith & Don Gallaher
Rings On Her Fingers (1943)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Ray Hirsch & Patty Lacey
Cabin In The Sky (1943)

Archie Savage, Ford Washington Lee, Leon James, Bill Bailey, John William Sublett, Dandridge Sisters
Cabin In The Sky (1943)

Genevieve Grazis & Johnny Duncan
Stage Door Canteen #1 (1943)

Irene Thomas & Jack Arkin
Stage Door Canteen #2 (1943)

Arthur Walsch
Jive Junction (1943)

Bess Flowers, John Archer, Betty Boyd, Lenny & Kay Smith, Irene Thomas & Don Gallaher, Jean Phelps-Veloz & Bob Ashley
Kid Dynamite (1943)

Dean Collins & Patti Lacey, Leo Gorcey & Kay Marvis, Bobby Jordan & Pamela Bla
Always A Bridesmaid (1943)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan
Cootie Williams & His Orchestra (1943)

Leon James & Dorothy Johnson, Russell Williams & Connie Hill
Hollywood Canteen (1944)

William Alcorn Johnny Archer Jack Coffey Gil Fernandez
Where Are Your Children (1944)

Genevieve Grazis & Johnny Duncan, Jean Veloz & Lennie Smith, Irene Thomas & Bob Ashley
Groovy Movie (1944)

Jean Veloz & Arthur Walsh, Irene Thomas & Charles Saggau, Lennie Smith & Kay Smith
Ghost Catchers (1944)

Johnny Archer & Venna Archer, Bob Asley
Juke Box Joes (1944)

rthur Walsh & Jeanne Veloz, Chuck Saggau & Irene Thomas, Lennie Smith & Kay Vaughn-Smith
The Miracle Of Morgans Creek (1944)

Bob Ashley, Don Gallagher, Connie Wydell, Jack Arkin
Tabby The Cat (1945)

Dean Collins & Kathleen Reagan
The Horn Blows At Midnight (1945)

Lennie & Kay Smith, Wally & Mousie Albright, Hal Takier & Alice Scott
Twice Blessed #1(1945)

Hal Takier & Alice Scott, Lennie & Kay Smith, Wally & Mousie Albright, Freda Wyckoff, Bob Ashley & Charles Saggau
Twice Blessed #2(1945)

Dean Collins & Elsie Parrish
Sensations (1945)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Johnny & Jenny Duncan, Irene Thomas, Patti Lacey
Let’s Go Steady (1945)

Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Bob Ashley & Rosemary Wilson
Junior Prom (1946)

Dean Collins & Elsie Parrish, Helen Albright, Alice Scott, Judy Clark, Jewel McGowan, Freda Angela Whyckoff, Gil Fernandez, Hal Takier& Betty Takier, Johnny Archer & Venna Archer, Lenny Smith, Lou Southern, Maxie Dorf
Killer Diller (1948)

The Four Congaroos
Malcom X (1992)

Norma Miller & Frankie Manning